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July 4th Tribute: Daniel Plainview, Great American!

July 4th Tribute:  Daniel Plainview, Great American

As you sit back in your yard this Independence Day, sipping a Budweiser beer, and munching on a large hamburger, I’d like you to take a moment to think about the men and women that founded this great nation. The other night, as I dozed off at the end of Co-ED Confidential 7: Cabo, I was lucky enough to catch a rare documentary on Cinemax, called THERE WILL BE BLOOD, about a giant of a man, who history clearly has forgotten. Daniel Plainview, 1874-1922, symbolizes everything this country was built on. Optimism, pride, and a never-ending thirst for success, and milk shakes. He even had a deaf kid. Can you believe that? And he liked bowling, before bowling was a big deal. He was a visionary.
What really touched me though, was the relationship he had with a young preacher. He taught the young man there was more to life than just a prayer book and faith, encouraging him to travel and see the world, while Daniel guarded his mineral rights. He even was nice enough to make sure the boy’s oil rights weren’t wasted, tapping them so everyone could have cheap gas.  I didn’t catch the end of the last scene, where the Preacher came back, and wanted to bowl with him, but I assume Daniel adopted him, so his deaf son could have a brother.  Such a man!
And talk about someone who didn’t take “no” for an answer. Long before date rape was a hip term, Daniel Plainview believed “no” means “yes!”  I wish I had the guts to tell the next person who told me “no”, that I was gonna go to their house and “slit their throat.”  Such a kidder!
Here’s to you Mr. Plainview! You can slurp up this Patriot‘s milk-shake anytime!

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