What is this nonsense about?

“The Road to No,” is a journey I’ve been on as a professional screen writer in Hollywood for the past 12 years.  Having successfully sold projects every one of those years to the various studios and t.v. networks, I’ve had a measure of success … but also the pain of seeing not a single project hit the big or small screen.  While this may be a good thing for the millions who were spared some of my “lesser” projects, such as my first studio script, DICKY THE TURD (A Richard III teen comedy in case you don’t get the brilliant pun) — it has taught me that no City in the world knows how to tell you “no,” with a big smile on it’s face, and a fuck you in their heart, like Tinseltown.

As for RAMBLINGS OF AN ASPARAGUS … I always wanted to write a book of comedic shorts with that title, even as a little tot.  While others want to grow up to be astronauts, or even the President … this guy yearned to publish someday under the headline of an irrational green vegetable.  Since books are becoming extinct, I hope these rants bring a smile to your face.  Cause if not, I might have to get a show on the air, and you’ll really be in trouble.


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